November 30: Introduction

Why Celebrate Advent & Christmas?

As the song says, "it’s the most wonderful time of the year", but why does celebrating Christmas, and the season of Advent that leads up to it, really matter?

Early Christians knew that calendar rhythms could be used to help Christians remember and reclaim the saving events of Jesus life. Jesus’ birth (the Incarnation) and His triumph over death (the Resurrection), were the two obvious themes that would shape the year. By repeating annual “cycles” based around these two themes, Christians could begin to orient their entire lives around remembering, reclaiming, and retelling what God has done for us through Jesus. This was called the “Christian Year,” or the "Worship Year." Two cycles take us through the Worship Year, each with 3 seasons, that enable us to order our worship and our lives around Jesus.

The Cycle Of Light includes
  • Advent (anticipation),
  • Christmas (celebration), and
  • Epiphany (proclamation).

The Cycle Of Life includes
  • Lent (anticipation),
  • Easter (celebration), and
  • Pentecost (proclamation).

So here we are, approaching Advent - the official beginning of the Worship Year..... a season of hope, expectation, anticipation. Like a child who loves to have a story read over and over again, we reclaim the Story of Love breaking into our world in Jesus. The world is already blaring out its holiday agenda. In the midst of all these distractions we can light a candle and remember what’s really important. That's what this season is about for our community, and we hope that whether you are able to join us in person or remotely, we pray that this season with be meaningful and joyful for you.
*Adapted from Vineyard Resources


Every Advent devotional will include questions that you can discuss with your family or friends. We encourage you to take a moment to discuss these questions around a meal, or as you go throughout the day.

  • What is your favorite Christmas memory?
  • What is something that amazes you about the story of Christmas?