Helping the Navajo Nation: Updated Items

Do you have empty plastic bottles (that can be used for cleaning sprays or hand sanitizer) around your house? We have been taking bulk hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies to the Hard Rock Chapter, and they have requested empty bottles to be able to distribute those bulk items to people in the community.

Here, again, is a list of essential items that are needed.

Essential Items Needed
- Water (many isolated places need to import their water)
- Any Medical Supplies
- Paper Products – TP, Paper Towels, etc.
- Masks
- Gloves
- Cleaning Solutions
- Bleach
- Sanitizing Products
- Lysol Sprays
- Healthy Immune Boosting Teas
- Vitamin C
- Isopropyl Alcohol & Aloe Vera
- Non-perishable Foods
- Dog food (many households use dogs to herd sheep)
- Donations as we continue to have the discussion on how we can meet needs in a sustainable way.
- And, of course: Prayer. Lots of prayer!