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It is our desire at Vineyard Gilbert to learn how to love our Native American brothers and sisters well. From our partnership with a community in the Navajo Nation to offering educational opportunities of discussions with indigenous leaders  connected to our community, our hope is to grow in understanding, so that we can love one another better with the love of Christ.


It's our desire at Vineyard Gilbert to learn how to love the Native American/First Nations community well. One of the things that we've been making an effort to do is create opportunities to have dialog with our brothers and sisters in the Native American community. We desire to learn their unique stories, receive from their perspectives as followers of Christ, and learn how to bless and support them.

Conversation with Terry Wildman

Webinar from Christianity Today

Helping Hard Rock

Partnering with leaders to care for the community

The Hard Rock chapter is one of 110 chapters (local governments) that make up the Navajo Nation. It covers 78,100 acres and has 200+ households. Many of these households do not have running water or electricity. Residents have to drive long distances to get to a grocery store. Since April 2020, Vineyard Gilbert has been bringing up essential items to the Hard Rock chapter house, where they in turn distribute the items, prioritizing the elderly and those with high-risk medical conditions (about 30-40 people within that community).
"I pray that you would feel how deep the Chosen One's great love is - a love that goes beyond our small and weak ways of thinking. This love fills us with the Great Spirit - the one who fills all things. I am praying to the Maker of Life who, by his great power working in us, can do far more than what we ask for, more than our small minds can imagine." Ephesians 3:18-20  (First Nations Version)

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Interested in learning more about the Native American/First Nations communities? Each month we will share some facts and helpful resources to expand your knowledge about the Navajo tribe, as well as other tribes all throughout the U.S.

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