Community Groups

Join groups of people who are following Jesus together: growing in their relationship with God & each other, while living lives of mission - bringing the Kingdom of Heaven into their relationships.

The i-61 Community

All Are Welcome | Bi-Monthly on Sunday Evenings
The i-61 Community is a group of people who are seeking to embody the mercy and justice of Jesus Christ in practical ways.
Leaders: Joel Bidderman, Charissa Ferguson, and Allen & Vicki Eaton

Joy Builders

All Are Welcome | Once a Month on Saturday Evenings
The Joy Builders Community is a Kingdom Community dedicated to building joy strength and resilience in our lives and into the lives of our missionaries and cross-cultural workers.
Leaders: John & Debbie Hervey

Les Femmes

Currently Full
The French have a way of referring to older women as "les femmes d'une certaine age" which translates "women of a certain age".  Les Femmes are indeed of a certaine age and enjoy exploring what God has for them in this season.
Leader: Sheri Reaves & Bonnie Morgan

Rhythms of Grace

Online Only | Once a Month on Monday Evenings
The Rhythms of Grace Community  is an intentional community of people that meet via Zoom, who utilize the Lectio 365 app, and discuss how they are experiencing and embodying their walk with the Lord. It is centered around soul-care and a basic rhythm of life.
Leader: Joel Bidderman

Women's Study Group

Wednesdays | Every Other Week (Starting September 13th)
The mid-week group for Vineyard Women's Ministries coincides with the Radiate Red girl's ministry. Whether you have a daughter in Radiate Red, or not, feel free to join this group for women which meets every other Wednesday, starting on September 13th.
Leader: Brenda Moraine & Marissa Bidderman

Young Adults

19 - 29 years old | Bi-Monthly on Sunday Evenings
The Young Adult Community at Vineyard Gilbert is a space for those between the ages 19 -29 to connect, worship, pray, and cultivate their walk with the Lord.
Leader: Jordan Gentes & Cody Gentes

Connection Groups

Looking for ways to connect? Our Connection Groups are more ways to connect and get involved at Vineyard Gilbert.

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"The Church is not the building, it's the people, it's not just the gathering, it's also the scattering."

John Wimber