Our Mission

We are a community seeking to be transformed by Christ, learning to love others in community, as we join God in his mission of healing the world.

 Vineyard Gilbert (Vineyard Community Church in Gilbert, AZ) is a part of the Association of Vineyard Churches. Our ministry philosophy and practice flows from being a part of that movement, and our full Statement of Faith can be found on the website for Vineyard USA (HERE). While we embody the distictives of the Vineyard movement, Vineyard Gilbert has its own personality and way that we express those Vineyard characteristics.

A Center of Worship

We seek the in-breaking of the Kingdom of God here and now. We worship God with the intention of touching heaven and changing earth. We desire to be a church that reflects the heart of Jesus, whose compassion draws people from impossible situations into a circle of hope, friendship, and healing. We acknowledge we all come to Christ broken and that it is the power of the Holy Spirit that heals and mends our souls, and so we are a community devoted to creating an atmosphere of intimacy with our Heavenly Father, surrender to the lordship of Jesus Christ, and friendship with the Holy Spirit, through worship and prayer - in ways that overflow into every part of our lives.

Practicing the way of Jesus

We believe the invitation of the Christian life is to be an apprentice (disciple) of Jesus: growing in the character and competency of Christ. We believe that this spiritual formation is something that happens in community as we intentionally develop sustainable rhythms in our community: both individually and corporately. Things like prayer, silence, solitude, simplicity, and fasting are ways that we can submit to the character of Christ being formed in us through the power of the Spirit.

Love, Acceptance, & Forgiveness

Pastor and author Jerry Cook wrote, “When love, acceptance and forgiveness prevail, the Church of Jesus Christ becomes what Jesus was in the world:  a center of love designed for the healing of broken people and a force for God" (Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness, 2009). Here at Vineyard Gilbert we desire to be that kind of center of love in our city and world. It may sound simple and appealing, but it is not easy. As a community, our vision for 2022 is: Love, Acceptance, & Forgiveness. We are taking a year to dive into this aspect of our community identity. We invite you to join us.

Heart For the Nations

We believe that a part of being a Jesus-shaped community means intentionally pursuing a diverse, multi-cultural expression of worship and community identity. It means reaching out in our neighborhoods, city, state, nation, and world. This means engaging locally, but also globally by partnering with the Gospel by sending out missionaries. Ways that we are intentionally engaging this locally is through our Spanish Ministry (La Viña), and through our efforts of wanting to love the Native American community well. To learn more about the missions workers that we partner with, visit our Heart For the Nations page.