Helping Hard Rock Christmas Drive

The Hard Rock Chapter in the Navajo Nation hasn’t had a community Christmas dinner since before the pandemic and we were asked if we could help get them what they need to put that dinner on. We were asked to get 10 turkeys, which different Hard Rock staff members at the chapter house will take home and cook for the dinner. The other items we will be bringing are to help make the sides for this gathering. The president of the chapter house estimates there will be about 250 people that will be coming to that dinner. We invite you to be a part of blessing the Hard Rock Chapter to make this year special for their community! You can drop off items (including Turkeys) this Sunday and throughout the week during regular office hours! You can also donate monetarily to help with this trip at

Here is a list of requested items!
- 10 turkeys/roasts/hams
- Frozen pies
- Boxed stuffing
- Potatoes or boxed mashed potatoes
- Canned green beans
- Frozen rolls 
- Canned cranberry sauce
- Canned gravy
- Sweet potatoes

Other items they requested to help Elders in the community through the winter months:
- Fire starter (most homes are heated by wood-burning stove)
- Propane cylinders (the kind you use for camping lamps and stoves)
- Strike anywhere matches
- Gloves for elders
- New or gently used warm blankets
- Dog food
- Water (bottles or gallons)
- Compartment trays and 16 oz soup bowls (We are able to buy these in bulk, so a great way to help is to donate funds for this expense!)