One Day to
feed the world

Partnering with Convoy of Hope

Over the month of March, leading up to Palm Sunday, Vineyard Gilbert will take part in Convoy of Hope's "One Day to Feed the World" giving event.

848 million estimated people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy, active life. 152 million children under the age of 5 are too small for their age due to insufficient diets*.
We agree with Convoy of Hope that this is unacceptable. We believe every life has value and bears the image of God. Because of that, we’re determined to bring help and hope to the hurting. The "One Day to Feed the World" event is a practical way that we are coming together to meet the great need in the world. The idea and challenge is that we each would give one day's wage to feed those in need. Learn more below!
*These statistics were obtained from reports published by the U.N. World Food Programme and World Bank Group.

Join VG in "One Day to Feed the World"

One Day to Feed the World is Convoy of Hope’s campaign that transforms lives. When everyone commits to giving one day’s salary, we harness the power of equal sacrifice instead of focusing on equal giving. When you give through Convoy of Hope, poverty and hunger are replaced by hope and love.  

Three Big Reasons to Participate

1. Children throughout the world are fed spiritually and physically.
2. You get the awesome opportunity to transform lives through education and discipleship.
3. Your generosity increases the generosity of others.

Give Now

Select "Convoy of Hope" from the dropdown fund menu.
Your gift will be applied to the offering that will be received on April 2nd.